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We help students who dare to dream big to find and hone their creative talent, offering them the opportunity to receive personal feedback from industry mentors and gain access to leading companies so they can build exciting careers that transform them into accomplished artists.

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Youen Leclerc, Lighting Supervisor, Framestore

Youen Leclerc has been working in the special effects industry (VFX) for 9 years. He has participated in the production of many films, including Star Wars, The Jungle Book, Godzilla, Total Recall, Aladdin, and Hercules. Now based in London, he specializes in lighting out of a love for the artistic dimension of this discipline and also for its close link with the profession of director of photography[M3] .

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We have developed a pedagogy centered around projects and taught in flipped classrooms. Learning focuses on the acquisition of skills with the constant support and supervision of passionate experts.

89% of our students land a job in their field within a year.

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Artline Institute is committed to offering a low-cost, yet high-quality program. We believe that everyone should be able to access education.

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