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It takes a daring enthusiast to build a creative career

Welcome aboard the Artline ONE ship ! We are a 100% online digital art school dedicated to a remarkable mission : turning you into an expert. Whether you’re interested in graphic design, gaming, concept art or CGI, get ready to shake up the world of digital art !

Artline Institute - Online art school


The Artline Institute rewarded

The Artline Institute has been listed as one of the 50 best digital art and animation schools in the world since 2018 ! This award, based on a ranking by The Rookies, pushes us to go above and beyond everyday to bring you the best of the best.

Our achievements :

  • 3rd Best Visual Effects school in France and 9th worldwide in 2018
  • 44th Best Creative Media and Entertainment art school in the world in 2021
Photography of the prize won by Artline Institute

Our Artliners are talented

Screenshot of the project of Simon

Read on to find out what our CGI alumi Simon has achieved since leaving the Artline Institute !

Simon followed our full CGI program, including a year-long apprenticeship in 2018.

After successfully obtaining his Bachelor’s degree as well as his Master’s, Simon went on to become the co-founder of Menhir FX, a 2D and 3D animation studio he runs with his brother Pierre. They specialise in animation for movies, vidéo games and music videos.

Simon has also become one of our mentors and now teaches classes at the Artline Institute for our CGI program. We’re so proud to be able to keep working with former students !

Photography of the magic lamp from Aladin

As an artist myself, it’s a joy to work alongside Artline students and to see their skills improve over time !


Once they leave the institute, the students have mastered impressive techniques and are able to present clear and professional projects.

Photography of Youen Leclerc

Youen Leclerc

Lighting Lead at Framestore

Artline in the limelight

Illustration of people sitting on a sofa

We create programs for every level

Yes, the Artline Institute was founded by two people - but at the end of the day, it’s a school, and it’s made up of a multitude of different individuals from a variety of backgrounds that all have something to bring to the table.

Our collective mission is simple : to share our passion with you through certified courses that will help you make your mark in the digital art industry.

The Artline Institute is more than just a digital art school - it’s the essence of who we are.

Illustration representing Yohan Blanc

Yohan Blanc

Headteacher and Founder

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