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Our team

Artline was not done in a day!


Discover our passionate teaching and sharing team.

A team made up of varied personalities, with different and complementary experiences coming from all backgrounds and driven by the same desire: you deliver the skills to succeed!


Artline is quite simply a unique school that looks like us.


"We have built the pedagogy of the Artline Institute by thinking of this large audience of enthusiasts, students, workers, who wish to understand and acquire these skills and these creative, technological, innovative professions, and seize their many professional opportunities."


Yohan Blanc

Director and co-founder

Executive management

Administrative and financial management

Training experience management

Program and Partnerships Department

Marketing and Communication Department

Admission pole

Direction générale de l'Institut Artline

Executive management

Photo de Yohan Blanc

Yohan Blanc

Director / Co-founder

Photo de Thomas Blanc

Thomas Blanc


Photo de Pascal Chave

Pascal Chave

Director of Operations

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Administrative and financial management

Photo de Kamel Berkane

Kamel Berkane

Strategy consultant

Photo de Amélie Versele

Amélie Versele

Administrative and Financial Director

Photo de l'équipe Direction expérience de formation

Training experience management

Photo de Isabelle Roy

Isabelle Roy

Training experience referent

Photo de Tess Guiomar

Tess Guiomar

Training experience referent

Photo de Clarice Bourgeois

Clarice Bourgeois

Training experience referent

Photo de David Brocherie

David Brocherie

Training experience referent

Photo de Nicolas Blard

Nicolas Blard

Creative supervisor concept art and illustration

Joris Debaye

Creative 3D infographic supervisor


Séverine Hogommat

Référente expérience formation

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Mélissa Dupin

Référente expérience formation

Photo de l'équipe Direction Programme et partenariats

Program and Partnerships Department

Photo de Nadège Dolleans

Nadège Dolleans

Company relations and professional training manager

Photo de Grégoire Clémençon

Grégoire Clémençon

Head of education - Game design

Photo de Tiphaine Aigouy

Tiphaine Aigouy

Head of education - Graphic design

Photo de Lucile Bolleau

Lucile Bolleau

Director of Programs and Partnerships

Photo de Mélanie Van Hooren

Mélanie Van Hooren

Head of education - Concept art and illustration


Sébastien Bigaré

Head of education - Preparatory years

Photo de Céline Pischetola

Céline Pischetola

Head of education - 3D infographic

Photo de Kim Fournel

Kim Fournel

Head of education - Game art

Photo du Pôle Marketing et Communication

Marketing and Communication Department

Photo de Justyne Dessaint

Justyne Dessaint

Marketing and communication manager


Maelle Galantin

Marketing and communication project manager

Photo du Pôle admission

Admission pole

Photo de Sarah Hammar

Sarah Hammar

Assistant Sales Manager

Photo de Lara Péniquaud

Lara Péniquaud

Educational Consultant

Photo de Maureen Sallot

Maureen Sallot

Educational Consultant


Juliette Hurley

Educational Consultant

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