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Concept Art

Learn in groups with our collaborative tools and weekly video conference meetings that will stimulate your creativity.

Illustration of murderous hieroglyphs


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Concept Art

Our concept art formation

This course of our digital school is dedicated to the pre-production of graphic universes for video games, animation films, advertising or publishing.

You will learn how to create rich universes, and you will gain access to professions where imagination, creativity and artistic techniques are in power. If you are passionate about visual creation and have a particular talent for drawing, this online illustrator and concept art training will help you develop your creativity in order to imagine incredible universes.

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Artliners got talent

Yann Thomas

Artliner - Concept Art

Laurine Régisseur

Artliner - Concept Art

Cécile Reimer

Artliner - Concept Art

Lisa de Monte

Artliner - Concept Art

Anne Limouzy

Artliner - Concept Art

Cassandra Brandmeyer

Artliner - Concept Art

Houda Benyoussef

Artliner - Concept Art

Lorna Esparon

Artliner - Concept Art


" I would like to introduce you to the fascinating world of pre-production and illustration. The program I have designed for you, with the help of our mentors, aims to guide you through the world of "making of" and "arts books" of films and games. You will first learn and master all the notions which will enable you to express yourself graphically. Later, we will study the constraints linked to a production, in order to shape you into skilled professionals. So grab your styluses and join us!"
Photography of pascal chanve

Pascal Chave

Head of the concept art program

They accompany you

Planet Experts Illustration

Photography of Roland Sarvarie-Tabaro

Roland Sarvarie-Tabaro

Artistic Director at Ubisoft

Mentor Art Challenge

Fabrice Nzinzi

Fabrice Nzinzi

Artistic Director at Vertical video Game

Mentor props et décors & bible graphique

Aude Massot

Aude Massot

Illustrator / Storyboarder at Xilam & Director at Ubisoft

Mentor Storyboard

They studied with us!

These artist seeds have embarked with us and they are proud of it! Discover the testimonials of our learners

After 7 years in the chemical industry I felt deep down that I wasn't doing what I really wanted. I was looking for a school that would offer a training in Concept Art and my research indicated that Artline was the best one. The lessons are of a very high level and I am delighted with my choice. I am progressing day after day in a field that I thought was closed to someone with my profile.


Bachelor Concept Art & Illustration - February 2018

I was looking to continue my studies after my BTS in Graphic Design. I thought this was out of my reach, given the average cost of tuition and the lack of specialized schools in my region. I am very satisfied with the teaching that Artline provides, and for the first time in a long time I am flourishing in my studies! I hope to motivate hesitant people with my testimony, just as much as the previous testimonies have motivated me.


Bachelor Concept Art & Illustration - October 2018



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