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Our admission system

How to integrate your training?

From the moment you submit your application to Artline, we support you from the start to the end of the integration process, and beyond if you join one of our training courses!

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How to integrate an Artline training?

To integrate a preparation

Your personality and your motivation will be the two main criteria for admission!

Admission to prep is open to everyone, whether you are a beginner or you are an art or video game enthusiast.

To integrate a bachelor

All of our bachelor's degrees are accessible to anyone with a marked interest in the chosen specialty and justifying:

  • a validated artistic preparation
  • or professional experience
  • or a successful portfolio

To integrate a master's

Admission to the Masters is assessed by a pedagogical manager based on your knowledge and experience, as well as on presentation of a successful portfolio.

What do you need for training at Artline?

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A stable internet connection

Computer Pictogram

A computer, the base!

webcam Pictogram

A webcam

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Headphones with integrated microphone