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Our pedagogy

Students are at the heart of our programs

The Artline Institute is not a traditional school: we are exclusively online and we strive to stick to the what is essential: promoting interactions between students, mentors and
the exchange between learners, mentors and the rest of the academic team!

We have designed our teaching methods not only to help you develop new skills, but also to make sure you are able to build relations and find fulfillment within our community.

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Our expert mentors are a cornerstone of the Artline Institute

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Learn from the best mentors

Our mentors’ mission is to pass on their knowledge, art expertise and various technical skills.

They will be by your side at all times on the dedicated platform and through video conferences every week during live sessions.

Each program has its own mentors that will lead you to success!

A typical week at the Artline Institute

Wondering what a week of studying at the Artline Institute looks like ? Look no further !

In addition to these key moments, there are numerous exchanges on our Slack platform, which is made up of several channels allowing you to exchange views with your fellow students, your mentors and Program Leaders.

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Access all your classes for the week

as soon as they are unlocked by your Program Leader.

Tuesday and


Put into practice what you learned the day before!

A chance for you to create while putting your new knowledge to the test.


Chat with your mentors!

Use this time to gain precious feedback on your work and get advice from your mentors to improve your skills.


Improve your work!

After chatting with your mentors, edit and improve your work until you are pleased with it and feel it showcases the new skills you have acquired.


Don’t forget to hand in your work!

The weekend is a sacred time and, at the Artline Institute, you can organize your time as you please - but  Sunday is the last day to hand in your work on the platform !

A new week begins

Start a new circuit!

Every week, you’ll have access to a new circuit. 

You will also receive individual feedback on your work for the previous week.

A program where you are in control

  • Giving you the opportunity to discover and define what you really want, and helping you create the path to get there.

Academic excellence that matches your level of passion

  • Your training is entrusted to a team of mentors made up of renowned professionals who have the highest technical level of creativity in their profession.

Building your network

  • We forge relationships with our professional ecosystem through our network of mentors and leading companies in France and internationally, helping you to find your place in the industry.

Guaranteeing your career

  • Make the most of our individualized advice and support to find and seize the professional opportunities you are looking for.

Ambitious professional development

  • We guarantee you will gain skills and knowledge invaluable to the digital art industry, allowing you to progress quickly through your career.

Ensuring you can finance your studies

  • Through tuition fees that are significantly lower than what is available on the market, and that you can spread out over 9 monthly installments - for free.

You’re allowed to change your mind

  • You have the right to change programs once during your training, to keep in line with your personality and personal aspirations.

Availability and spontaneous interactions

  • You will have access to an online learning platform and collaboration tools that you can access 24h/7.
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Photography of Cecile REIMER's project

Work-study at Artline?

It's possible !

From the master's degree, Artline offers the work-study option.

If you choose this option, the training will be adapted to take into account the work carried out in a company, while preserving a common core with the rest of the promotion.

By completing your two years of master's degree alternately, you will be able to put your knowledge into practice and thus develop your know-how at the speed of light!

The work-study program is a real decisive boost in your professional integration!

Photography of Cecile REIMER's project

Welcoming people with disabilities

During the first telephone meeting with our educational advisor, the possibility of your integration into the school will be studied.

Once this is validated, a personalized support system will be set up to help you make the most of your program.

Throughout your time at the Artline Institute, a dedicated Experience Adviser will be at your disposal.

"I really like the fact that the training is online. I can create my own schedule based on the live teaching sessions, and I still have time to create outside of my classes !"
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